The word Aromatherapy is a relatively new concept dating from the 20th century. However the use of essential oils for healing and medicinal purposes has been used for thousands of years dating back to the time of the Egyptians who learnt that Frankincense and Myrrh helped with their embalming process. Since then the use of essential oils has grown and expanded, with different kinds of extraction processes being introduced although the concept remaining the same. The “essential” property of any given plant has a unique healing power and when used either topically such as through massage or via inhalation such as an oil burner, it has the ability to heal a whole host of physical, mental and emotional ailments. Not only can the oils be synthesised and the healing power increased by the grouping of various oils together, but also the stimulating of the olfactory senses has a very deep, somatic effect on a persons mood, leading to a more joy and peace. During a massage you can expect to be immersed in sweet, uplifting fragrances as soon as you enter the room which ensures a more full exposure to the oils natural healing properties. The benefits of Aromatherapy in conjunction with massage is numerous, but the fact that oils are absorbed into the bloodstreams in a matter of minutes once exposed to the skin means that you can expect a beautiful healing experience straight away. I also provide base oils blended with a unique range of essential oils for to take home and use in either a bath or simply massaged into the skin by yourself or another.

£50 per hour
£35 per 30 minutes