About me

Welcome to Relax and Uplift. My name is Danielle Roberts and I qualified as a Level 3 Massage Therapist back in November 2021 with VTCT. I currently offer Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy as well as Indian Head Massage which can be very relaxing or uplifting depending on the different kinds of strokes and oils that are being used.

In a world where we spend so much time in front of screens and so often apart from friends and family, it can easily lead to people not just being emotionally isolated but physically as well. I often find that there are so few opportunities to enjoy the power of touch. Aside from our partners or children, we as a society do not value this incredible sense enough, which can lead to us being very much out of touch with our own bodies, our own sense of self. Massage can help alleviate this by allowing another to touch us in a safe, loving and compassionate manner. We learn to relax and let go, simply be there to receive, to turn off the thoughts and worries, which in turn is almost a meditative practice.

During the initial consultation you have the opportunity to give me insight into any experiences you are currently having in your life, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and we can decide on what you want to get out of the massage. I also handpick a combination of essential oils and the correct kind of base oil best suited to your skin type. This creates a tailormade experience that you will want to make part of your weekly or monthly self-care routine. Afterwards you can expect you feel deeply relaxed and at peace, your whole body feeling alive and energised as the blood circulation has been stimulated and muscles have been relieved of their tension. After receiving regular massage on a once monthly basis, you can expect an all round lifting of your general mood as your awareness and love of self increases, as well a reduction in those sore knots common in the neck and back. I truly believe in the benefits of massage not just for the physical body but for your soul, as we become more aware of ourselves, we become more empowered and awake to our reality. We will also find that we are able to give more to others from a real place of love, as the more we fill our own cup, the more we have to give to the world.